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Fishing Liverpool: Jaguar House

Buzzing still from my first bass trip, a komplot! Manchester trip was organised. 

Picked up Yed, Kery and Azwan in Manchester and head west to the port of Liverpool. 

Set up a rod each. Yed with 2 hook flapper  and I opted for a pulley pennel. Kery unfortunately have to wait for Latib to start fishing. Sorry mate, i didnt know.

It was hard fishing with loads of weed and fine debris catching on the line. A 5 minute reeling line soon become 10. Not until high water that the weed stop and gave us a chance to fish better. Coupled getting the tides wrong and a mate not fishing looks like the day was going to turn sour. Fortunately Kery have the sense to take it lightly and head to enjoy the sun instead.

As the tide turns, the whiting started biting. A tiny bite brought a pin whiting up. Unfortunately already lifeless and soon returned to feed the gull. Another half and hour or so, saw a heavy pull that never ends on my rod. A battle to pull the line ensue. Inch by inch against the tide I tried to reel back what was a great spectacle that I always enjoy.

A closer look

A thornback ray from the Mersey always bring a smile to me. 

The reeling in

There were no further bites after this but the arrival of Latib means Kery can now start fishing. He have come from Malaysia for a visit here and have waited a long time to fish in the UK. Kery is an accomplised freshwater pond angler. Usually reeling some decent fish on his outings. 

Kery in action near Rawang, Malaysia.

Cant beat a Red tail catfish 

On this occasion however, Kery didnt beat the blank unfortunately. No worries mate, we will organise another trip soon enough. 

Kery enjoying the Liverpool sunset.

Thanks Latib and family who brought lovely food to feed us and we certainly enjoy Sean and Kak Mas company at the end. 

The ray coming up

Kery’s photos and vids are top notch! 



Fishing report

Fishing Wales : Glad to fish again

Due to unseen circumstances in last couple of months, my fishing trip have stopped. As things began to improved, started to fish again just to relearned the art.

I started by following my mate to North Wales.The trip was nostalgic. The Welsh coastline brought memories flooding back, reminding myself how beautiful this place is. 

First stop was to pick up some peeler crabs. There were some about enough for a session or two. Buoyant with the pick we head off to Holyhead. Brian took me around the harbour to a rocky area. The climb was easy and not as treacherous as any other marks I have been before. We set up with soft lure lrf style. I was keen to try with a light spinner from Malaysia. 

Set up my Century HPR lure rod with Shimano Exage 4000 loaded with 20lb Shimano power pro in white. Chosen lure is the So’do Tokwan 7g spinner. 


For a small lure it cast very well against the wind. Easy 30 -40 yards against the wind. You could feel every spin that it made. Another good thing about it is, when it snag against the rock the hook remain strong and mantained its shape. Saying that, it was as easy to release from snag as its a single hook and lightweight. 

This by all means is just a prelimary test as me and my mate both blank on all other lures and jigs. The fish just weren’t there. Its just an unfair comparison. 

Then my mate switch to lfr bait style and landed this specimen.

Scorpion fish

We then head back down south to fish for bass using our crab bait. Learned several important pointers about bass from my mate. Bass stays close and moving as tide moves. Loving the watercraft that he shown me. 

Set up a light bass rod with a 4000 Exage with single hook flapper with a 3oz plain lead. Aim to let it move with the small tide along the sand and stone. Fishing with the tide receeding. 

After a couple of change of mark chasing the tide, rewarded by a nice schoolie bass. Great pull which wrench the rod away from the tripod. Love bass fishing no doubt.

Have several tentalising bites after but didnt amount to any more fish. 

After a couple more hours we soon packed up and head home satisfied knowing that was the first bass of 2016. 



Fishing report

Fishing Liverpool: Jaguar House

Fished at high water at Jaguar House yesterday.

Fished with macky squid combo and squid top with squid head on a pennel pulley. The ray rod was blasted mid distance.
Fished a shorter rod close in. 
First in was a little codlet, released with glee as blanked day written off. 

Then the distance rod started with gentle ray bites. 

Then got another little tap, reeled in to the prom and on lifting the humangous ray, my sakuma 2/0 pennel hook snap, saw the ray gently swam away. Then recast more ray bites and missed a couple more after trying to rebait the short rod, que pack the short rod. By then it was too late and no futher bites developed. 

Finish on a high with another ray on the mersey, felt low for the loss ray but certainly thrilled with the ray bites. 



Fishing report

Fishing Wirral: Perch Rock

Had a small trip today to Perch Rock, Wirral. This mark is a low water mark and popular to anglers. 

Started from Manchester at early hours and arriving to Fort Perch Rock in glorious spring weather.

Along setting up on my left whilst I am an usual spot to the right. 


Fished 1 1/2 hour down and 2 up. All manner of baits are put out. 

Large and small. 


It was quiet till high when the tell tale lunges of a decent bite broke the monotony. 

First Thornback ray of the year. Thanks Along for the photo. 46cm wingspan enough to bring joy in the cold weather.

Along meanwhile saved a blank with a dab which kept him in the game. As the tide runs it soon become clear that it was unfishable. We soon retire for breakfast.

Loaded with carbs and coffee we visited Harrison Drive for a chuck or two. Hail stone and 40 mph wind soon put the stops to fishing and we headed back home in the warmth of a glorious fishing day.  


Fishing report

Fishing Blackpool: Gynn Wall

Assalamualaikum everyone. 

My next  trip recently was a more relaxing high water occasion. I have picked gynn wall to fish a very big tide with an easterly wind. 

The day starts with Farid talking about his new rod and he was very keen to use it after the good session in Morecombe. This was followed by making a big enough brew to last the night.

Arrived and tackle up in front of a near gully hoping to catch the elusive sole. 

Fished 2 rods , one near for sole and further out for a cheeky chance of codling. Whilst tackling up, we were startled by the shout of ‘ Have you got a permit to fish here!’ . Without turning and busy putting my precious up and over rig to the gemini rig link, I shouted back ‘ of course I have, look at the car windscreen please.’ I was probably more worried than angry only to be relieved by the emergence of a friendly Alistair’s face when he switched his head light off. LOL , I have forgotten that he was meant to meet us there to pass some fresh lug. Cheers Ally, nearly scared me to oblivion. 

A few natter later, we casted out and waited. We didn’t have to wait long as the whiting were on the rampage. Cast after cast pin whitings hooked themselves to our baits.

This was interspaced with dogfish and more dogfish which still gave you bites all night long.

As the tide ebbs and we were the only ones who were fishing, Farid shouted out that he got a rod bender. A healthy bend on the rod with big tugs herald the target fish that we wanted to see. 

Well done Farid, a new rod and a new species to your tally.

Farid’s Dover Sole.

What a great achievement for the young lad that only fish the ponds of Selangor, Malaysia. A great introduction to sea fishing and I wish you all the best and plenty of fishes in the future mate. 

By 3 hours after high, we were all packed up and head back to Manchester full of glee and the hour drive home was all about the Sole.



Fishing report

Fishing Morecombe : Autumn plaice

This is a late report as October I was busy with work and the MCCH fishing competition. 

October herald the beginning of Autumn here in the United Kingdom. It has been a warm autumn with temperature ranging up to 16 celcius. As the sun makes an occasional break, the Komplot! Manchester team headed to Morecombe to chase the beautiful Plaice.

Along and me drove the hour and 15 minute to Morecombe just before dawn. We arrive there with hardly a soul up on the streets of Morecombe. We descretely tackle up, a rod each with plenty of frozen lug to temp any fish at low water. Soon after, we were joined by Ajak and Farid to walk the mile towards the West End Beach ( Side of Jetty). This is a popular easy mark and famous for the competition held by a local tackle shop. 

As the sun rises above the horizon, we lined the beach with our tripod to begin our fishing.

It was a flat calm sea that greeted us and we had no problem holding bottom. 

After an hour of fishing, Ajak was first in with a beautiful plaice. His first of many.


Ajak first plaice certainly spurn him on to lash out another set of bait almost immediately. 

Meanwhile, my rod started to show occasional deep rattle after hours on the ebb. Hopes were lifted when I picked the rod up, a gentle strike and felt a heavier weight on my line. Slowly but surely I brought in my first Plaice. Bright orange spot photographed near the water edge to gave it the full respect.

At slack water, we were later joined by Azman and his mate. 

A couple of other anglers also joined in ready for the flood. 

 As the flood started, everyone was into fish. Flounders and plaice, with dab also joining the flurry.
This is Farid’s first plaice.

Another nice specimen

Double shots started

And another

All in all, everyone caught a fish and hats off to Ajak for catching 6 plaice and a flounder. I manage 7 plaice whilst Along, Farid and Azman caught one plaice each. Azman’s mate didn’t catch any fish but had excellent time with his boy learning how to fish. 

As November arrives, plaice might still be there so pick up your rod, read the tides well, be safe and all the best to catch the orange spot of Morecombe. 



Fishing report, GP Memancing

3rd MCCH Charity Fishing Competition

Summer this year have been a hit and miss occasion. There was no doubt that bass fishing have been a bit more difficult this year. As summer turn to autumn, the hunt for bass become more difficult for a novice like me. My mind starts turning to the next great event of the year and that for me is the MCCH fundraising fishing competition.
This year a new committee was assembled comprising the usual members of Komplot! Manchester anglers (Along, Ajak and Latib) and the new committee of Malaysian Community of Cheetham Hill (MCCH). This year who decided to find a new venue away from Flyde coast. After much scrutiny and in respect of new interest from anglers from the Merseyside area we chose Harrison Drive in Wirral to be the venue of the 3rd MCCH Fundraising Competition.

poster my 2015

poster 2015
Harrison Drive is an easy high water fishing venue in Wirral. It is accessible via M57 from Chester or via the Kingsway Tunnel from Liverpool. It boast a spacious and long promenade along the the King’s Parade Road. At the end of the road, lies Perch Rock fort another good low water fishing venue. It has the convenience of a large Morrison’s Supermarket nearby which helps when looking for last minute bait and food grab before fishing. I would say this is akin to fishing the Gynn Wall in Blackpool both in term of leisure fishing and target fish. It is a general all rounder fishing mark suitable for beginners and suitable for disable persons.

Our chosen charity this year is Sekolah Komuniti Malaysia Manchester (Manchester Malaysian Community School). This school was formed in 1992 by the Malaysian community living in Manchester and surrounding area. Currently, it is located on rental classrooms at Abraham Moss High School in Cheetham Hill, North Manchester. Among the Subjects taught in the school are Malay Language in line with British iGCSE exams and Islamic studies suitable to the British way of life to 5 -15 years old. Following lack of funding last year, no school trip was organised hence this year hopefully we could collect enough to fund a small trip for the school children locally.

Almost to the date, this year our fishing competition was held on the 10th Ocotber 2015. Its was a mild night with temperature of 10 degrees celcius and a very light northerly wind of 7-8 mph. The sea was flat interspaced by the wave bow of the Isle of man and Dublin ferries travelling across the bay.We arrived early where there are still enough sunlight to set up the registration booth and have a little briefing between the committee members. Early arrival of participants included the undergraduates from Manchester University who have rented a van to drive all the way from Manchester. Outstanding effort guys. By sunset, we switched on the gasoline lamp as more and more participants arrive to register for the competition. We had anglers from Liverpool to as far as Lancaster participating in this year event and hats off for those who came in this cold October night.

Komplot! Manchester preparing paperwork for registration.

registration6First participants registering


Along distributing the homemade 1up 1down rigs for participants


Get in line Malaysian style


Whilst waiting there is time to sort out the rental rods


Whilst Latib admiring Along’s Ian Gold Supermatch Tripod


Harris keenly observing quietly


Plenty of time before high water to enjoy the scenery


At 8:00 pm, the whistle was blown to mark the beginning of the 3rd MCCH Fundraising Fishing Competition. A total of 32 participants casted out their bait out to win the main prize of £100 Cash and £250 Edaran Express Vouchers, donated by our main sponsor Edaran Express. This year we were glad to receive sponsorship from Edaran Express & Magnetic Aura together with our regular reliable sponsors Ning Restaurant Manchester ( Chef Norman Musa) and Mira D Services. Several individual have also contributed from the likes of Alister and Along from Northwest Donkers, Anonymous member of Wirral Sea Fishing and Malcolm from ABC Tackle Beaumaris. Please click on logo and link for learn more about our sponsors.

Shipping2MalaysiaNing | Malaysian Restaurant, Cookery School & Catering | Manchester | UK

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Magnetic Aura

Mira D Services

Get Ready!

Set…( with shivers!)

Go! Go! Go!

…….oppssss not texting girlfriends but fishing please…

We did not have to wait long before the first cry of joy from the first person who caught fish. A little whiting made it to the score card for Latib using the ‘bling’ rig. From then on, there were endless stream of fishes made it for measurement accompanied by burst of laughter and happiness from the anglers and their children.

Luqman with his first ever fish in England

luqman whiting

Latib with his plaice

plaice boh

Along measuring fish caught

Measuring whiting

The younger generation also made it into the score card. Harris, Amirul and Daniel lead the way of the teenager contingent to steal the top prize from their dad and uncles.

Harris loving it!

And the food laaa

As the frost threatening to set in, we called it a day by 1 am. We set up all the prizes to the delight of participants who are more than ready to hit the sack.

The boys

First prize winner – Latib with 94 points

The ceremony photos

Our Lancaster rep Azman receiving his prize

My boy and me

3rd MCCH participants and family

This year, we are glad to receive support from many corners of United Kingdom and Malaysia. We collected a donation total of £847.50 from sponsors and participants for SKMM. InsyaAllah (by will of Allah), we hope to have another event full of laughter, food and catch a few fish yet again. On behalf of the 3rd MCCH Charity Fishing Competition, I would like to say our thanks to all the participants and sponsors of this great event.